Thursday, 27 March 2008

Presidential Jets for Ghana?

Ghana parliament last Wednesday approved a presidential jet motion. According to a GNA reporter, Adolphus, it took more than four Falcon-900hours of debate to approve by a majority of 118 to 63 for a loan agreement to purchase the jets. The worse of it, "the aeroplanes (Chinese-made) would be financed with a soft loan from the Chinese Government to be paid over a period of 25 years, while the other two (French-made) would also be financed with a loan from Societe Generale" - GNA report. Societe Generale and Government of Ghana will finance US$43.15millions and US$62millions respectively. However, the report failed to mention how much the Chinese government would be contributing. There was also a final amendment to a discrepancy in the motion and committee report and final settlement on US$31.15million in respect of the value for the US$43.15million.Read at

This has generated more questions than answers and sometimes anger to the developing people of Ghana. Most of them feel they had been left out of the debate for which they would be using their taxes to repay. Even in the house of parliament, the "minority raised concerns that papers on the agreement had not been laid for members to make comprehensive contributions to the debate and called for the rejection of the motion" - GNA report. This comes as a surprise to some social entrepreneurs who are using their hard earned income to finance the development need of the country.

There are others who were concerned about the terms of the loan agreement which they feel had benefited the Chinese and the French.

There is an issue of trust when the government was forced to say through it spokesman, Andrew Awuni that it has NOT ordered any Presidential Jet for itself Read at This extends Mike's question just posted in the last few minutes. "What has become of "political power" in Ghana? Can any body enlighten us on this story? Are the electorates, and for that matter Ghanaian citizens safe in the hands of power?"

The debate continues


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