Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Blogging Do's

Do post regularly, preferably at least once a day. The Internet is full of discarded blogs where the writer lost the habit, so it’s essential to decide how often you want to post, and stick to it.

Do keep your posts interesting and to the point; and enjoyable to read; rather than making people plough through 3000-word essays. If you do have a longer post, consider splitting it up into three or more separate posts, and running them over a few days.

Do keep a close eye on comments being posted on your blog. Partly because they can be a great basis of feedback and help put together a community of regular readers, but also make sure nobody's being rude, or posting spam links to dodgy porn site.

Do use other blogs as source stuff, adding your own spin on things they've posted and providing a link back to the original stuff. These outbound links are an important part of building traffic to your own blog, since it makes other blogs more likely to link back to you.

Do have a look at advert on your blog like Google Adsense - it’s a way to make money from simple text advert on your blog. It takes 10 minutes to set up, and could eventually fund your creation.

Do add two or three "related posts" links to the end of every post, pointing people to previous stories on your blog. If they come in through a search engine, it might tempt them to explore.

Do get to grips with a good online RSS feed reader to keep track of your favourite other blogs. It'll make it much quicker and easer to find source material for your own posts.

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