Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Blogging Don'ts

Don't post 20 times in one day just because you missed a few days the previous week. Many blogging services let you plan posts to go live at set times in the future, so use this feature to spread them over a few days.

Don't post personal information like your address, mobile number or birth date. Identity thieves get everywhere.

Don't delete comments just because someone disagrees with you. Blogging is a two-way conversation, not a one-sided rant.

Don't copy and past other blog's post and pass them off as your own. Obviously.

Don't think you can earn lots of cash by clicking your own ads. Google is wise to this sort of thing. Really

Don't write punning or obscure titles for your posts if there's a more down-to-earth alternative that get major keywords in. It'll make help you get more traffic from search engines.

Don't get involved in pointless flame wars with other bloggers. You might think its sophisticated verbal jousting, but your readers will probably just think its boring.

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TakeTheCann0lis said...

Any thoughts on the netiquette for crediting referenced blog posts? I see a lot of blog posts that are just recaps of other posts. I am a new blogger, and I'm curious.

Thanks for a good post Moses

Moses Sena Kpetigo said...

Credit referencing a blog is good for the blogosphere for one or more of the following reasons:
-It respects the ownership rights of the original post
-It shows how issues raised in the original post had been developed into the current post
-It also gives the reader the opportunity to discover further information not covered by the current post.

Referencing an article in a blog post is an original idea borrowed from the academic research arena. Though there are good and bad blogs like anything else, a good blog should provide additional information to what is already available.

My blog is not necessarily a good one and I am still in the learning curve. There are very good blogs out there but I can say I had improved from where I started. You will certainly enjoy the experience.

Drew said...

I think your third bullet is the most important. "What can I add to this information?".

A blog bibliography plugin would be a interesting asset, as well as great for SEO!

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