Monday, 7 April 2008

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - A Call for Action

At the progressive governance summit last Saturday, Kevin Watkins, Director of UNESCO’s Education For All Global Monitoring Report put in a paper on three proposals on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for renewing the vision and reshaping the future. This is an addition to other institutions' ‘Call for Action’ on MDGs and high-level summit in September 2008. The paper argues that “many countries are currently off track for the MDGs.” And that “renewed commitment to the MDG ambition should go hand-in-hand with a renewal of the targets and goals themselves”.

The three proposals are

  • Putting social justice and equity at the heart of the MDG agenda.
  • Strengthening and renewing the goals – beyond primary education.
  • Looking to the future – climate change and development.

There are other commentators who called for more investment in training adults to become teachers in their own country. Adding that, “not only is this beneficial to their communities but it could also inspire other people to learn and when their time comes, to pass on the things that they have learnt.”

The issue of poverty and development is much more complex than some of us think. Against this background, is the activities of SIL Charity Solutions to complement what others are doing.

Development can not be discussed without Globalisation, Climate Change and International Institutions which are also sub-themes of the summit. Tags: ,,,

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