Monday, 12 May 2008

Stoweboyd in the Past Two Weeks

Stowe Boyd is one person I admire a lot, not because of how he looks but the output of his soft issues. He has a visionary and down to earth style of presentation. He is a thought leader and had been paving the way for others to follow (this is shown in his twitter stats of more followers that followings - The Twitterized Conversational Index).I am presenting in this piece an analysis of the best of his blogs in the past two weeks

Open criticism

He had a personally bad experience with an organisation that had given an information which is different from what it is doing - I Bet That Clear Is Going To Do Everything Wrong. Here he points to the right thing to be done not just apologies. This he is able to do without any fear of intimidation. This can not be done in certain parts of the world without putting yourself in any form of danger especially when you are using geoloco applications like Brightkite or Dopplr. This shows how US still remains a free country despite all the terror threats. I do hope this air of freedom would eventually spread to the rest of the world.

This other piece is about the discussion of being a polymath in this world of creativity - Steve Rubel Wants To Be A Polymath, And Blames The Internet. After doing some criticism he points out that

Investing 10,000 hours into some skill -- like architecture, guitar, or karate -- is a general rule of thumb for mastery at the 'black belt' level. Being a polymath simply translates into someone who has invested 10,000 hours -- 3 hours per day, 333 days per year for 10 years -- into more than one discipline.

He also made an argument for breadth (broad-mindedness):

I agree. I am not suggesting that people work to acquire a superficial awareness of a wide variety of things, but that we should, each of us, become deeply invested in a number of disciplines. We should learn music, deeply, how to play an instrument or sing, not just passively listening to the radio. We should learn to cook, not simply to appreciate great food. We should learn foreign languages, not just marvel at those who are polyglots.

How I Roll: The Ten Day Rule And Other Consultingology. Here is another interesting bit where he talks about his ten day rule and consulting work. It is basically about going solo conference which he would be expending on. He has also been promoting his twitpitch idea which he developed some weeks past: The Elevator Pitch Is Dead. Introducing The Twitpitch. He wrote about Twitter being a launch pad for other social networks: Unit Structures: Twitter, Imagined Identity and Flux and how twitter can adopt a new XMPP model for scaling: Twitter Can Be Liberated - Here’s How.

Stowe Boyd is involve in a number of products and projects one of which is workstreamer preparing to go live next month. In Open Social Communication And Workstreamer, he discussed how the application would "stream work-related information, like tasks, project updates, design notes, or meeting agendas" as opposed to emails. I do agree the move away from emails but I also think if stream feeds had been in use we human would be thinking of going the email and inbox model. This is an inherent feature of human who are always craving for new, another way, or different ways of doing things. I am currently using bascamp for my projects but equally fascinated by the hip of worksteamer and would be migrating if it turns out good.

Another application in Stowe Boyd sleeves is Front Channel: Our Micro Business Model. He said...

...We are planning to allow non-commercial use of the tool for free, as soon as we can get a hosted version of it up. For conferences that are for-fee, we intend to use this micro fee model: Fee = A x T, where A is the full retail cost of attending the conference and T is the number of tracks...

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