Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Come Back 2

This post is a continuation of an earlier one, The Come Back, that describe the teenage years of my career. As a teenage boy leaving my parents, as part of my education, to a boarding school in the remote part of the country that landed me doing business and accounting subjects. The decision that was to be made after those years was to go on a full-time university, work full-time or combination of the two on a part-time basis.

I landed a job in an auditing practice  as an audit trainee. Computers were not that common those days. The available ones were using Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS DOS) that allow users to perform commands using a text-based programming language. I had to learn these commands rote to get things done apart from manually writing clients accounts books on ledger sheets from almost incomplete records. It was a test time for me as most of the clients had small businesses and needed a financial statement for tax purpose or requirements of the register of companies. I was in the practice for almost two years and decided to further my studies. Though qualifying for a place in a tertiary institution in the first place, I thought as at then to gain enough work experience. The work training broaden my perspective about life and it was time to move on.

I then enrolled at Institute of Professional Studies (IPS),  the institution that trains professional accountants and secretaries, on a part-time basis while continuing my job training at the accountancy firm. After three years of studies, I was to do a compulsory national service for two years. I left my city job for a rural post of Resource Personnel for Enhancing Opportunities for Women in Development (ENOWID) project. I was training the village women in records and accounting bookkeeping apart from providing them with management services on how to run their small businesses. Part of the project was the giving of micro credit to these women who have no knowledge of western form of business. I travelled the length and breath of these villages first in small vans loaded beyond capacity with sheep, goats, chicken food stuffs and human beings and then on small boats since some of the villages were not accessible by road. Volta lake I was finally given a jump bike to make my trips. Sometimes when I sit back to reflect on these experiences, I see how dangerously I was leaving, travelling on those boats without a life jackets and overloaded with all sort of stuff was something I didn't realise as at the time. I am poised to go back there and make a life changing experiences for those villagers.

After these periods with the villagers I continued with similar activities for a Church Organisation after my national service. This organisation, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana was mother's church were we grew up and worship together. This time I was to visit branches in villages to help them sort their financial records. After a few months, I thought it was now time to go back to city. I was employed by one of the big shipping companies in the harbour city of Tema were I was subjected to handling big and numerous accounting reconciliations. It was a place that changed my career forever. This would be the content of the next blog on this series.

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