Sunday, 19 October 2008

KidsCash is Following Me on Twitter

One thing you never expected and there it is in front of you. KidsCash a for-profit company dedicated to the future financial success of the youth in US is now following me on twitter. How on earth would they be following me? Is it my discussion on financial issues on twitter?KidsCash-Twitter Or recent blog posts, watch out for the scam or my personal stories,  the come back and the come back2. Whatever the reason all is in the name of social networking using social media.

One interesting thing about this organisation is, it is a for-profit company. Traditionally all companies are set up to make profits and there came variation like non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are basically non-profits. For a company to name itself a 'for-profit' is unusual. This shows how profit minded they are from the start. Some non-profit organisations are set up to correct the imperfections in a pure capitalist/market economy. So non-profits and for-profits organisations can both work together to develop an economy.

The other issue is the , Muskegon County, Michigan based, company is a debt-free one with a cash-only philosophy. Which company on earth is completely free of debt. These kids mean business by taking a cash-only philosophy. Apart from that they have started selling their own-made products. They also offer financial education as well as community mentorship. Working with kids ages 8-18 but acknowledge that even adults need help as well. Parents can come free to any or all of the classes their children attend.

This is an effort wealthy of emulation to developing economies as well, where the teaching of this skill is virtually non-existing. It is also an alternative to AID projects like the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) in developing countries in Africa. Teaching kids to be self reliant is a first step to self-sufficiency rather  than making them dependent on others for their basic survival. Tags:

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